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There is a deep-rooted connection between mental illness like schizophrenia or depression and substance abuse. Often patients use drugs as a means to escape negative thoughts and hallucinations. Here only the professional dual diagnosis treatment center can prove useful under constant surveillance.

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What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to addictive substance abuse fuelled by mental illness. Here the patient is not only addicted but is also severely mentally ill. Here a primary 12-step addiction treatment is as ineffective as eye drops for nasal congestion.

Common Underlying Factors Affecting Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Deteriorating mental health and addictions often go hand in hand. At California Behavioral Health, we apply our efficient and effective dual diagnosis treatment and treat both of them together by first identifying the underlying mental health issues. It is a prevalent condition. One in four mentally ill people also suffers from drug addiction, making it a co-occurring disorder.

Common Mental Illnesses in Dual Diagnosis

Mental health and addictions are co-occurring disorders. Certain addictive patterns are a dead giveaway about underlying mental illness. Usually, patients who find themselves dependent on feel-good drugs are suffering from one of the following conditions:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders

Identifying the Need for Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Mental illness and substance abuse have more or less the same symptoms. A person could be abusing drugs because of anxiety or could be anxious because of substance abuse. Either way, a visit to the doctor and a drug test is not a must. You can visit our reputable dual diagnosis treatment center for a checkup. While a doctor may miss out on substance abuse, experts at California Behavioral Health will not.

Is a Co-Occurring Disorder Dangerous?

Yes, it is dangerous and possibly even life-threatening, especially during the dual diagnosis recovery period. When you take away the survival mechanism of a mentally ill patient, they may try to take their own life. In such situations, inpatient treatment for dual diagnosis is essential for optimal results. You can learn more about the dangers of co-occurring disorders here.

CBH – the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

California Behavioral Health is the best Palm Springs Treatment Center. Here we don’t believe in the generalized 12 step approach, which is often what hinders dual diagnosis recovery. Instead, we place great emphasis on providing personalized treatment for dual diagnosis, which is much more efficient.

Holistic Approach

CBH is the best dual diagnostic treatment Center in Palm Springs, California because of its holistic approach to co-occurring disorder treatment. Our experts place great emphasis on not only physical but also mental and spiritual healing.

Personalized Treatment

At our Palm Springs Treatment Center, we talk about spiritual and mental motivation into consideration when drafting the treatment plan. We identify the underlying cause behind the mental illness as well as addiction and then proceed with the treatment.

Our staff is well-trained to provide our patients with the support they need 24/7. At this dual diagnosis treatment center California, you can relax and focus all your energy towards self-growth and healing with a helping hand, of course.

What to Expect From CBH Treatment for Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis treatment is very different from the common substance abuse treatments. They will treat you for multiple conditions and continuously monitor your progress and alter the treatment accordingly. Here are the tentative guidelines for dual diagnosis treatment:

  • Parallel treatments for substance abuse and mental disorders
  • Anti-anxiety treatment, where found necessary
  • A Supportive approach to encourage self-healing by confidence and self-esteem building exercises.
  • An extremely inclusive treatment program because we acknowledge the importance of family support during such challenging situations.

Because of the complexity of the illness, there isn’t a defined treatment period. Some patients recover surprisingly quickly, while others need intense treatment for dual diagnosis. A patient’s period of stay at our dual diagnosis treatment center California largely depends upon the pace of their recovery, which varies person and condition wise.

Why Choose California Behavioral Health?

California Behavioral Health is undoubtedly the best mental health and addictions treatment center. Here we do not follow the cookie-cutter approach to all our patients. We take our time to give each person the attention and care they deserve and need depending upon their diagnosis.

We offer not only top of the line facilities but also an inclusive environment that promotes self-healing. Doing so is particularly important for co-occurring disorders to ensure the patient is aware of their underlying conditions and actively making an effort to cope with them.

If you are still not convinced, then book an appointment with California Behavioral Health experts for a first hand experience. You can visit our dual diagnosis treatment center to gain a better understanding of the services we offer.

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