Most Effective Drug Addiction Treatment Programs in Palm Springs

Drug treatments program

When you’re in need of help with drug addiction and you’re looking for effective drug treatment programs in Palm Springs, California Behavioral Health is here to help you. Finding the right drug rehab options can be tough but we have a range of effective programs that can meet your needs, whatever they are.

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Our range of drug rehab programs is carefully organized and implemented in a way that works for your specific needs. We know that each person dealing with addiction problems is different, so your unique needs will be taken into account when our drug treatment programs are being implemented. You can learn all about our various treatment programs below, so read on now.

The Types of Drug Treatment Programs on Offer

Here are some of the drug addiction treatment programs we offer at our location in Palm Springs.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Program

Inpatient treatment programs involve coming to our facility and taking part in a high-intensity level of care. It’s an experience that you must immerse yourself in because there are lots of things to take advantage of and benefit from. It can be the best way to deal with substance addiction.

It’s also a great option for people who have drug addictions on top of other serious medical conditions that they need help with. Many people might have disorders that make the process of breaking their addiction problems even harder than that task might already be. Inpatient treatment programs work for lots of people.

Residential Treatment Program

Residential treatment programs are best for people who have a moderate-to-severe addiction that they need support for in an environment that’s structured and focused on your needs. That’s what’s offered by our residential drug rehab programs in Palm Springs. It’s a big step but it’s one that might need to be taken, so don’t hesitate to use our drug abuse programs.

The great thing about this kind of residential treatment programs is that it provides you with 24-hour medical support, as well as emotional and moral support. All of those things matter when you’re looking to overcome your addiction problems. Professionals will be on hand to help in whatever way they can and the experience can last a month or a year or somewhere in between. Our drug addiction treatment programs in Palm Springs make it easy for you to get the help you need.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

If you want a lot of support but don’t feel you need the 24-hour support offered by residential treatment programs, you might want to consider our partial hospitalization programs (PHP). You can get 4 to 8 hours of treatment each day while living at home or somewhere away from the facility.

You can then attend hospital or therapy sessions when you need to. It can be a helpful way to get the support you need from us without having to stay in a residential setting if that’s not something you feel is right for you. PHPs are beneficial for many people in your situation.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

People who choose the intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) approach can expect to receive around 10 to 20 hours of treatment per week at the treatment center. All this happens while they’re living in their own home or somewhere else off-site.

It offers a very flexible approach to your needs by ensuring clients have the support they need at any given time. For example, weekend and evening treatments and classes are available if you need to fit all of this around an already busy schedule. Our Palm Springs drug treatment programs work for everyone.

Outpatient Drug Treatment Program (OP)

If you’re in need of a low to medium intensity treatment option, outpatient treatment (OP) might be just the thing you’re looking for. It usually involves less than 9 hours of treatment per week while you focus on sober living in your home environment or another suitable location.

There are services at various times that allow you to get the professional support you need, while allowing you to feel at ease in your own home while you deal with problems in your way. It’s also important for people to maintain a normal schedule as they go through these changes.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Anyone who’s in need of help with an alcohol or opioid addiction would benefit from medication-assisted treatment (MAT). this combines behavioral therapy with the right medications used to treat substance issues.

All of the medications used are approved by the US government and include buprenorphine and suboxone. Trained staff oversee the administration of these drugs and they are used consistently as a part of our Palm Springs drug treatment programs.

What to Expect in Treatment

There’s a range of diverse programs on offer when you come to us and use our treatment center. Our drug addiction treatment programs can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We know that each person is different and requires a unique approach that works well for them.

To give you some idea of what you can expect from our programs, we have some examples to mention. You can take advantage of addiction education classes, behavior therapy, family therapy, group therapy and aftercare for continuous help after you’ve left our treatment center. And there are plenty of others too.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs that Take Your Goals and Needs Into Account

We’re completely focused on helping you reach your goals and achieve all the things you want to achieve. Each person that comes to us is different and we’re always careful to learn about their specific needs so that we can treat them in the way that’s going to be most effective for them. It’s why you should use our drug addiction treatment programs in Palm Springs.

We encourage all of the people who come to us to engage with all of the helpful professionals we have here and the drug rehabilitation programs you can take part in. If you’re willing to invest yourself in the whole experience, you will benefit massively, allowing you to overcome your addiction and address underlying problems too.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you think you could benefit from the drug rehabilitation programs we offer in Palm Springs. You can find out contact details here on our website and if you get in touch, a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss things with you and provide you with the answers to the questions you have. It’s never a bad time to get the help from our drug abuse programs.

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