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Alcohol rehab and addiction treatmentDrug addiction is something that affects many people living in Palm Springs. California Behavioral Health drug addiction therapy involves a variety of services and interventions that helps to break the cycle and return people to health. 

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What Is The Goal of Doing Drug Addiction Therapy?

The goal of addiction therapy is to identify addictive behaviors and empower those with addictions to overcome them. Dependencies can be debilitating, harm a person’s health, and damage relationships. 

The problem with addictions is that they become an all-consuming pastime. The affected person can’t often see beyond the addiction to the people around them, leading to adverse consequences for all involved. 

The goal of California Behavioral Health’s drug addiction therapy, therefore, is to help remove people from situations in which addiction could be a part of their lives and give them the cognitive tools to push through it to a place of greater wellbeing. Overcoming drug addiction requires the commitment of both the person with the habit, the people around them, and health professionals. 

What Type of Therapy That We Use to Treat the Patients Effectively? 

At California Behavioral Health, we use cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction and a variety of other techniques to enhance our ability to treat patients. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for addiction is a specific kind of treatment that targets problem behaviors and habits that make continued addiction more likely. The purpose of the therapy is to identify the thoughts, feelings, or emotions that lead to addictive behaviors and stop them in their tracks.

Our treatment is what we call “evidence-based.” That means that patients in our care only receive addiction therapy that the evidence says works. Overcoming addiction is too important to leave it to chance. 

Why Does Our Therapy Work? 

Our evidence-based approach is a significant reason why our therapy for drug addiction is so successful. We take the latest insights from the cognitive behavioral therapy literature and implement them in our practice. This insight and degree of knowledge enable us to help patients achieve remarkable results and avoid relapsing into past behaviors. CBT for addiction really does work. 

What Factors Contribute to Making Our Drug Addition Therapy Effective? 

Addiction therapy is a holistic process. It requires many different aspects of the experience to come together in a way that benefits the patient. While CBT for addiction is necessary, patients need more than purely behavior interventions to achieve recovery. At California Behavioral Health, we use several other pillars of treatment to maximize the chance of a successful transition away from addiction. 

Master Therapists

The first is the quality of our therapists. All of the CBT professionals at our center are master-level and trained to delve deeply into the underlying psychological causes of addiction. As expert mentors, they’re able to tailor cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction treatment plans to the individual patients and provide guidance. They help patients with overcoming drug addiction and enable them to see their life’s potential without substance abuse. 

Engaging Environment

California Behavioral Health also prioritizes creating an engaging environment for residents to enjoy the time that they spend with us. The people in our care can enjoy relaxing personal spaces and stunning facilities while also having opportunities to do things like volunteering. 

What Makes Us Different from Any Other Drug Recovery Center? 

California Behavioral Health is different from practically all other drug recovery centers in the area. Here we like to do things differently and provide addiction help based on the evidence. Here are some of the reasons to choose us. 

Patients Have Their Own Space

At California Behavioral Health, we believe in respecting the dignity and privacy of patients. That’s why we offer them private rooms and plenty of personal space. Clients going through therapy for drug addiction need a place that they can sometimes go to be alone and push through difficulties. 

Stimulating Environment

Some drug rehab centers look like clinical medical facilities. While this might seem ideal from a hygiene perspective, it’s certainly not optimal when it comes to residents’ wellbeing. We believe in providing patients with a familiar and friendly environment when getting addiction help. We, therefore, provide private rooms with tasteful decor and plenty of shared spaces for fun activities. 

Family Owned And Operated

California Behavioral Health is a family-owned and operated facility near Palm Springs. As a family-run organization, we’re dedicated to the health and wellbeing of each patient in our care. Patients are more than mere numbers being processed by our facility: we care about the success of each case that walks through the door. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for drug addiction recovery. 

How Family And Friends Can Support Drug Users To Recover Faster

Addiction is rarely something that happens in isolation. Often, it’s friends and family that enable the problem behaviors, whether directly or indirectly. 

Rehabilitation is an opportunity for everyone in the patient’s life to chip in and ensure that the addiction ends. That means dealing with any underlying issues that might be driving the problem behaviors as well as withdrawing any support for the addiction. 

There are many benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for treating addiction:

  • It interrupts patterns of negative thinking that might lead to addictive behaviors. CBT therapy allows the patient to explore how they feel and why that might be leading to their addictive tendencies. 
  • CBT is forward-looking. That means that patients not only look back to their past to see why their addictions might have arisen but also forward to the future to see the benefits of getting rid of it. 
  • CBT helps people to address their self-limiting beliefs. Patients can find themselves with a long-term addiction simply because they don’t believe that they can overcome it. Again, CBT helps to tackle this kind of self-defeating thinking. 
  • Patients in CBT can practice what they learn in the sessions in their day-to-day lives, putting it into practice in positive ways, aiding drug addiction recovery.

If you know somebody who has an addiction or you need help yourself, then you can get treatment here at California Behavioral Health. 

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