The Comparison of 12 Step and Non 12 Step Rehab

Addiction treatments vary depending upon the patient and sometimes upon the rehab center’s structure. At California Behavioral Health, we follow a non 12 step rehab program even though it is quite popular for drug and alcohol rehab. Here in this article, we discuss the pros, cons, and alternatives to 12 step program.

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About the 12-Step Program

Various organizations are active proponents of the 12 step program for drug and alcohol rehab. In essence, the program is meant to act as a guide towards self-healing and is not a treatment in itself. It has three general stages, and within each stage are four levels of progression.

Stages of 12- Step Program

The 12- step approach primarily focuses on three fundamental ideas:

Acceptance – The first stage involves multiple sub-sections. However, the gist of each step is to accept that you have a disease and that you have no control over yourself. You also acknowledge that you may need guidance from a higher power.

Surrender – The second stage is to surrender to divine guidance. You pray to God to remove all your shortcomings and seek direction to make amends.

Participation – The third stage places emphasis on building a sense of community. You will participate in group therapy where you can seek support or additional help to keep a balance on yourself.

The Efficiency of the 12-Step Model

The greatest attraction of the 12-step model is, in fact, its shortcomings. While the Program offers anonymity to its users to encourage participation, it is also why there is no scientific research to prove its efficiency. The lack of evidence is why many rehab centers are against the treatment and switch to alternatives to 12 step program.

California Behavioral Health – Non 12 Step Rehab Program

California Behavioral Health houses master level therapists and we provide the non 12 step programs for drug and alcohol rehab. Our professional rehab in Palm Springs offers a holistic treatment approach to our residents.

Here the end goal is the same, which is to end the dependence on addictive substances, but the approach is drastically different.

Non 12 Step Recovery Approach

At California Behavioral Health, we have a wide range of treatment plans for our residents. We offer the ideal alternatives to AA by providing a broad range of services and treatment methods.

A significant portion of our treatments revolves around accurate diagnosis. While the 12-step recovery focuses on the acceptance of the problem, we combine that with identification to ensure the patient is well-aware of their condition.

Here we offer personalized treatments as alternatives to AA. Our nurses and therapists are not only aware of the patient’s medical history but also of any underlying conditions that may affect recovery.

At our non 12 step rehab center, we actively encourage self-healing to empower our patients with the strength and motivation to overcome addiction. Doing so is essential for long-term recovery.

Benefits of Non 12 Step Rehab

There are countless benefits of enrolling in a non 12 step rehab center.

With a non 12 step recovery, you get evidence-based results. It not only allows you to keep track of your growth but also makes for more efficient treatment planning.

Unlike the 12- step model, you get personalized care when you opt for one of the alternatives to AA.

In our effective non 12 step programs, there are no assumptions. The treatment begins with a complete diagnosis, which makes it possible to identify other accompanying conditions like mental illnesses. Experts then alter the procedure following the double-diagnosis.

Alternatives to the 12 step program also incorporate essential mental and physical support programs. Here you not only get rid of your addiction but also learn to love yourself through enriching experiences. Read here to get to know all about non 12 step program.

Why Choose CBH for Non 12 Step Rehab?

California Behavioral Health is a well-established rehab in Palm Springs. The facility includes some of the best therapists in the country as well as licensed and incredibly professional nurses to provide care 24/7.

We offer the effective non 12 step programs by promoting self-empowerment. Our experts monitor our patient’s growth and response to treatment, altering it accordingly. We also have medical professionals on the facility to monitor the patients during treatments like detoxification.

Here residents have access to various amenities that promote an active lifestyle. However, CBH ensures your privacy is not compromised and offers private rooms with multiple shared spaces.

When choosing a rehab center for your loved one, we often seek comfort and luxury with efficient treatments. At CBH, we offer unparalleled convenience to our residents so they can focus on their treatment.

Experts at California Behavioral Health ensure you learn to identify abusive patterns, and how to deal with them accordingly. We can help you live an addiction-free life, so do not hesitate to drop by our rehab in Palm Springs for an in-depth consultation.


  • My name is Matthew and I was a resident here at CBH from 6/22/2020 through 7/23/2020.. I just Graduated the program in 32 days and I am writing this because I am truly Thankful to them All.. I would like to Give CBH 7 Stars but it will only like me give 5.

    Matthew N.
  • I came to California Behavioral Health when I was finally at the point where I thought life was no longer worth living. Once I got to CBH my whole life changed as I have never met more caring people in my whole life.

    Julie C.
  • Let me start by saying that this place has saved my life as I had been struggling with alcoholism since getting out of college. I had tried numerous 12 step programs and always experienced somewhere that I always struggled to relate with. Once I arrived at California Behavioral Health, they welcomed me with open arms.

    Andy W

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