Most Effective Heroin Addiction Treatment in Palm Springs

Finding quality heroin addiction treatment in America isn’t always easy, but at California Behavioral Health, we’re here to help. At our facility, patients can get full detox from heroin support and recovery using some of the latest state-of-the-art behavioral and therapeutic techniques. We take a holistic approach to rehab, providing both withdrawal support and counseling to prevent heroin dependency in the future.

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The Consequences of Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a type of opioid drug. Medical professionals often use these types of medicines to help relieve pain for patients where standard, over-the-counter alternatives don’t work. Heroin is similarly potent to these drugs and can cause changes to the physical structure of the brain. The consequences of heroin addiction can, therefore, be severe. 

The symptoms of heroin addiction can appear immediately after a person takes the drug. They often experience shortness of breath, dry mouth, disorientation, droopy appearance, and cycles of hyper-awareness and nodding off. 

Heroin addiction can have a range of further behavioral and physical consequences that extend beyond the immediate effects. These include:

Lying and Deceptive Behavior

People with heroin addiction don’t like to be public about their habits or the things that they do to fuel them. Lying and deceptive behavior, therefore, are common. 

Increase in Time Spent Sleeping

Heroin can induce some people to sleep longer than they otherwise would, interfering with education and work. Regularly sleeping for twelve hours per day is a sign that a person may require heroin addiction treatment

Decreasing Attention to Personal Appearance and Hygiene

Many people who need heroin detox experience worsening personal hygiene and desire to improve their appearance. 

Loss of Motivation for Future Goals

One of the main reasons people need heroin recovery is to help them achieve their long-term goals. Heroin addiction can shift a person’s focus to be entirely short-term, all about when they can get their next fix. 

Other signs of heroin addiction include wearing long sleeves and pants in warm weather to hide needle marks, loss of interest in friendships, and a lack of interest in regular hobbies. 

What Are the Options for Heroin Addiction Treatment at California Behavioral Health?

At California Behavioral Health, we use the social model of treatment to help patients overcome heroin addiction. Heroin addiction help involves providing patients with behavioral and psychological interventions, designed to chip away at the underlying reasons for their addiction. 

Our treatment for heroin addiction is explicitly medication-free. Unlike many rehab centers in America, we believe that the best approach is to address the root causes of addiction, not just the discomfort of withdrawal. Patients who come to us to detox from heroin have a variety of options.

We offer residential treatment where patients get a private room and an engaging environment. Our heroin withdrawal treatment aims to enhance patients’ quality of life as their bodies undergo chemical changes. 

California Behavioral Health also uses an evidence-based addiction therapy service. Our team of master therapists uses the latest science to inform their practice. Heroin recovery is too important to leave anything to chance. 

Finally, we do something called dual diagnosis. Not only do we identify cases of heroin addiction, but we look for secondary mental health issues that might have been contributing factors to the original addiction. We help all our clients safely heroin detox with expert guidance and support. 

What Is the Expected Timeline for Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Heroin is one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs that a person can take. Heroin rehab, therefore, can be an extended process. 

At California Behavioral Health, treatment for heroin addiction usually takes between one and three months. It typically takes between five and seven days for the heroin to leave the body and then several more weeks for the patient to make a full psychological recovery. 

How Does Heroin Detox Work? and What Do Patients Need to Know About the Process?

Heroin detox works by completely removing heroin from a patients’ environment and preventing them from having access to the drug. Medical professionals then monitor the patient to ensure that they remain safe as their body removes the drug and restores them to health.

Heroin detox can be a challenging process for many people. The reason for this has to do with how heroin affects the brain. Heroin upregulates specific neurotransmitters, so when it is removed, patients can experience a variety of both physical and psychological symptoms. 

Common heroin withdrawal symptoms include vomiting, nausea, cold flashes, diarrhea, bone pain, and muscle pain. People can also experience uncontrollable kicking movements and insomnia. It’s vital, therefore, that patients have the full support that they need throughout the process from qualified professionals. 

How Effective Is Heroine Addiction Treatment?

The goal of heroin addiction help is to remove heroin from the body and give patients the tools that they need to prevent relapse. Heroin withdrawal treatment is most effective when combined with psychological approaches to wellbeing. As discussed, patients who receive therapy tend to make the most sustainable recovery. 

The key is to ensure that patients do not find themselves back in the “place” that made heroin addiction help necessary in the first place. Regular follow-ups and outpatient treatment can help to prevent relapse and give patients the support that they need. 

What Do Patients Need to Do After the Treatment, and How Can They Prevent Relapse?

A relapse is where a patient begins using heroin again, even after going to heroin rehab. Patients, therefore, need to ensure that they remain in regular contact with rehab centers and mental health professionals well after the drugs have left their system. Rehab clinics, like California Behavioral Health, offer ongoing outpatient services and support. 

Why Choose California Behavioral Health for Heroin Addiction?

California Behavioral Health offers one of the most effective heroin treatment centers for a variety of reasons. The first is that we think detox from heroin is about more than just managing withdrawal symptoms. We drill down into the underlying causes of why a patient might feel compelled to use heroin and then provide therapeutic techniques to help them escape damaging thinking patterns. 

Our approach is also holistic. For us, it’s not just about the substance abuse itself, but how the patients’ life conspired to make addiction possible in the first place. 

Finally, unlike some heroin treatment centers, we only use evidence-based models of treatment and therapy. Our master therapists tailor their approach to each patient in our care.

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