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Anthem Blue Cross of California Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coverage in Palm Desert

California Behavioral Health understands what you need to recover from addiction. You’ll have access to highly skilled and experienced professionals on your journey to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We specialize in addiction treatment and co-occurring mental health conditions and believe it’s vital to create a supportive, structured environment where you can restore and recover your personal and professional lives.

CA Behavioral Health Accepts Anthem Blue Cross Insurance

CA Behavioral Health offers you the opportunity to receive skilled support to address substance use disorders, addiction, and co-occurring mental health conditions that create complex care decisions. Our highly qualified staff are adept at addressing the unique needs of individuals who come to us nationwide to repair their lives.

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Who Is Anthem Blue Cross Insurance for Addiction Treatment Near Palm Desert?

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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance is a leading provider of addiction treatment coverage near Palm Desert and across the U.S. The company was founded in the 1940s when several insurance companies merged and has since grown to become one of the largest health benefits companies in the country.

Anthem BCBS offers a comprehensive range of health insurance products and services, including individual and family health plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid managed care services, and employer group plans. Many of these provide coverage for a variety of addiction treatment services, including medical detoxification, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), inpatient and residential rehab, counseling, and therapy that support individuals in their journey to recovery. The company is committed to improving health and well-being by providing resources for substance abuse disorders that reflect a holistic healthcare approach.

What Is Anthem BCBS Insurance Rehab Coverage in Palm Desert?

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance policies include rehabilitation coverage for its members. This is mandated by two Federal laws, including the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and the 2010 Affordable Care Act. While these laws protect your right to coverage for substance use disorder treatment, your benefits and limits are defined within your policy.

The easiest way to verify your insurance coverage is to call California Behavioral at (888) 355-1676 to speak with our admissions counselor. They can also answer your questions about treatment, estimate your out-of-pocket costs, and discuss payment options when your insurance policy has a high deductible or does not pay well for substance use disorder treatment.

Anthem BCBS Health Insurance in Palm Desert, Southern California, Explained

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) caters to the diverse needs of Southern California residents. It is part of a nationwide network of insurance companies offering a robust selection of options designed to support individuals, families, and businesses. The insurance provider provides plans with a wide range of medical, dental, and vision coverage.

These services are offered alongside specialized services like substance abuse treatment, wellness programs, and mental health support. Anthem BCBS emphasizes accessibility and convenience by providing members with a vast network of healthcare providers and hospitals to ensure that policyholders receive high-quality care close to home. The provider is committed to offering preventive healthcare and personalized services to support the lives and communities across Palm Desert.

Some of Anthem BCBS Brands, Products and Services Offered

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a wide range of products and services that the company tailors to meet the diverse healthcare needs of its members. Key offerings include individual, group, and employer-sponsored plans, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid Managed Care plans.

Anthem Health Plans: These are a comprehensive group of plans that are available in states throughout the U.S. that offer coverage for a wide range of medical services, including preventive care, prescription drugs, and hospital admissions.

BlueCard Program: This program allows BCBS members to access healthcare services when traveling outside their state or country.

Anthem Medicare: These plans provide Medicare Advantage, supplement, and prescription drug plans (Part D) for people 65 and older who qualify for Medicare or those with certain disabilities.

Medicaid Managed Care: In partnership with state governments, Anthem can offer Medicaid plans that provide coverage for essential healthcare services and help manage Medicaid services.

Dental and Vision Insurance: These specialized plans cover care for teeth and eyes, including preventive services, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

Behavioral Health Services: These plans offer mental health and substance abuse services, including therapy and counseling, to help support the overall well-being of their members.

Wellness Programs: BCBS offers health assessments, personalized health coaching, and digital tools that promote healthy living and disease prevention.

Anthem BCBS Healthcare Services in Palm Desert Explained

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers healthcare services in Palm Desert using a comprehensive approach to health and wellness care. Anthem provides health plans, Medicare Advantage and supplement plans, Medicaid managed care services, wellness programs, and behavioral health services. Anthem BCBS works to meet the needs of community members across a spectrum of individual, family, and employer plans.

Anthem BCBS emphasizes preventive care, so members have access to health screenings, vaccinations, and specialized programs for substance abuse treatment. Using a vast network of healthcare providers, members have convenient and accessible benefits.

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    Some Health Insurance Providers We Accept

    Does Anthem BCBS Cover Inpatient Rehab in Palm Desert, California?

    Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) covers inpatient rehab in Palm Desert, California, as your insurance policy defines. California Behavioral Health is a rehab center that takes Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Southern California. While your coverage is protected by federal law, the amount of your coverage is defined by your insurance policy.

    Additionally, insurance policy premiums, deductibles, copayments, benefits, and exclusions influence your out-of-pocket expenses. For example, while your policy may cover evidence-based treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing, it may not cover holistic approaches such as nutritional counseling and yoga. The easiest way to understand your financial obligations is to call CA Behavioral Health today at (888) 355-1676. Our admission counselors can verify your insurance coverage, answer questions about treatment, and discuss any financial issues, such as payment plans and insurance claims.

    Does Anthem BCBS Cover Outpatient Rehab in Palm Desert, Southern California?

    Yes, most Anthem BCBS drug rehab policies offer some coverage level for outpatient care. Drug and alcohol rehab often starts as a residential program during which you receive medical detox, medication-assisted treatment, and behavioral health therapies to address the underlying reasons for addiction. Once you have graduated from a residential program, it’s not unusual to use an outpatient program to transition into the community.

    While federal laws mandate that your insurance cover outpatient care, the level of coverage is dictated by your policy. For more information about treatment options and substance addiction rehab and to verify your insurance coverage, we encourage you to call CA Behavioral at (888) 355-1676 and speak with one of our admission counselors.

    Does Anthem BCBS Cover Medical Detox Services in Palm Desert, CA?

    Most Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab policies offer coverage for medical detox services. Medical detoxification is a supervised process eliminating toxic substances from the body under the care of medical professionals who can monitor withdrawal symptoms and ensure your safety. Medications can be used to help reduce cravings and prevent complications that can arise, such as seizures.

    Medical detox is the first step in a comprehensive addiction treatment program and provides a foundation for therapeutic interventions that are aimed at long-term recovery. Anthem BCBS rehab coverage usually extends to medical detox services. However, the extent of your coverage depends on your policy’s benefits and limits. We encourage you to call California Behavioral today for more information and to verify your insurance coverage.

    Does Anthem BCBS Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Palm Desert?

    Yes, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield covers dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis is a situation in which an individual has a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health condition. There are a variety of different co-occurring mental health conditions that may be associated with a substance use disorder, including an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Your coverage level with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield varies depending on your policy’s benefits and limitations. We encourage you to call California Behavioral to learn more about the dual diagnosis treatment program and to verify your insurance coverage.

    Rehab Center in Palm Desert, California, That Takes Anthem BCBS Insurance

    CA Behavioral Health encourages you to call (888) 355-1676 or contact us online to request a free substance abuse assessment or ask about Anthem BCBS coverage for residential care. California Behavioral Health offers payment options if you do not have insurance or if your Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield policy has a low coverage level for rehab.

    California Behavioral Health is in Cathedral City, California. Our facility is in the Coachella Valley, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and vibrant community. You can access the area’s diverse activities and amenities, including parks, cultural festivals, and recreational areas. It’s close to Palm Springs, with easy access to shopping and entertainment. We are located at the following address:

    • 37066 Bankside Drive, Cathedral City, CA 92234
    California Behavioral Health
    37066 Bankside Dr, Cathedral City, CA 92234, United States

    Other Palm Desert Rehab Treatment Programs Covered by Anthem BCBS

    When you ask, “Does Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield cover rehab?” the answer is generally yes and typically includes inpatient and outpatient care coverage. Each type of program includes therapeutic interventions such as treatment for dual diagnosis, relapse prevention planning, and the opportunity to participate in support groups.

    Before discharge from inpatient care, your aftercare programming may include community support groups and outpatient care to ease the transition into the community. The following is a list of treatment programs that Anthem BCBS covers. However, this is not a complete list, and we encourage you to call CA Behavioral for more information about treatment programs, verify your insurance coverage, and discuss payment options.

    Anthem BCBS Insurance Coverage for Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) in Palm Desert

    A partial hospitalization program is an intensive outpatient care model designed for people dealing with substance abuse issues who need more support than a traditional once-a-week outpatient program but do not need 24-hour care. These programs typically involve a highly structured and supported environment where you can access therapy sessions, group counseling, and educational workshops.

    Blue Cross Blue Shield typically covers evidence-based PHP outpatient care. While your insurance coverage for substance use disorder treatment is protected by law, your insurance policy limits, benefits, and exclusions dictate your coverage extent. California Behavioral can verify your insurance coverage, including how much is left on your annual deductible, and help estimate your out-of-pocket expenses.

    Anthem BCBS Insurance Coverage for Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Palm Desert

    An intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers individuals with a substance use disorder more support than regular outpatient services. Typically, people can attend multiple therapy sessions per week, but the program allows the individual to live at home and potentially maintain their work or school commitments. It offers a balanced approach to recovery and helps transition the individual back into everyday life.

    Anthem BCBS typically offers coverage for intensive outpatient programs in Palm Desert. However, you must verify your insurance coverage since some policies limit the number of sessions you might have per week or the types of therapy it will cover. We encourage you to call CA Behavioral at (888) 355-1676 to ask about our treatment plans, verify your insurance coverage, and discuss our payment options.

    Young man sitting with his eyes closed during an assessment for Anthem BCBS drug alcohol rehab programs

    Anthem BCBS Insurance Coverage for Residential Rehab in Palm Desert

    Residential rehabilitation offers individuals access to inpatient care. This comprehensive treatment program involves living in a facility 24/7. Living on-site removes you from daily stressors and potential triggers, fostering a focused and supportive atmosphere conducive to recovery and healing. The immersive environment includes a structured schedule of therapy sessions. 

    Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield covers rehab treatment in a residential setting, often including medical detoxification, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and mental health support for dual-diagnosis patients. Since your policy benefits and limitations define how much therapy and the types of treatment that are covered, we encourage you to call California Behavioral at (888) 355-1676 to speak with one of our admission counselors. They are adept at working with insurance companies and can help identify strategies you can use to gain the maximum benefit from your policy.

    Average Cost of Addiction Rehab in Palm Desert, CA With Anthem BCBS Insurance

    When you call California Behavioral to verify your insurance, you may ask, “How much is rehab with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance?” There is no direct answer to that question. The average cost of addiction rehab depends on the length of your stay, the intensity of your customized plan, the types of therapy you receive, and your insurance coverage level.

    The best way to get an estimate of your costs is to call California Behavioral at (888) 355-1676 or contact us online. Our admission counselors can verify your insurance coverage and estimate your expenses. You can also talk with our financial counselors about possible payment options.

    Young woman standing outdoors checking her phone for Anthem BCBS rehab coverage

    How to Check Anthem BCBS Coverage Levels for Rehab Treatment in Palm Desert

    Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has a member services phone number you can call to receive information about your insurance policy. However, navigating insurance jargon and understanding the documentation needed for rehabilitation admission can be challenging. The easiest way to understand your insurance coverage levels is to call CA Behavioral at (888) 355-1676 or contact us online.

    Our admission counselors are adept at dealing with insurance companies. They can verify your coverage and help determine how much of your deductible is left for the year. Using this and other information, they can help estimate your expenses. You can also speak with our financial counselor to help identify payment options to reduce your financial burden.

    How to Get Anthem BCBS to Pay for Rehab Treatment in Palm Desert, Southern California

    The best way to receive maximum benefits under your Anthem BCBS insurance policy is to understand your coverage levels and the required documentation to submit a claim. Your insurance policy may require prior authorization before treatment can begin. In this case, we can help identify the needed documents and guide you through gathering them so your residential inpatient care meets the insurance company’s requirements.

    Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has a member services phone number where a customer service agent will answer your questions about your policy and tell you about the limitations and exclusions that may be linked to receiving substance use disorder treatment. However, you’ll receive far more information by calling CA Behavioral Health. Our admission counselors can estimate your costs and schedule an initial evaluation to help streamline the admission process.

    How Many Times Will Anthem BCBS of California Pay for Rehab in Palm Desert?

    The number of times Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of California will pay for rehabilitation depends on your insurance policy. Limitations may be placed on the type of therapy covered, the number of times therapy can be received in one year, or the number of admissions you can have in one year. Each Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield policy differs, so you must verify your coverage level.

    If your insurance policy benefits are depleted and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield will not pay for your rehabilitation stay, we encourage you to speak with a CA Behavioral Health financial counselor about other forms of financial assistance and payment options that may help make substance use disorder treatment more affordable.

    Substance Abuse and Treatment Metrics / Statistics in Riverside County

    • Addiction is one factor that can precede a person becoming homeless, or it begins when a person is struggling with the stress of not having a permanent home.
    • Data from the Palm Desert Sun found that 55% of the homeless in Coachella Valley are addicted to drugs of some form.
    • In 2023, there were more fentanyl deaths in Coachella Valley than anywhere else in Riverside, CA.
    • According to Health Assessment and Research for Communities, roughly 50.5% of adults in Coachella Valley drank alcohol at least once in the past month, and nearly 1 in 5 had at least one binge drinking incident in the last month.
    • Health problems that result from excess alcohol consumption include chronic liver disease, various types of cancer, pancreatitis, high blood pressure, and psychological disorders.

    Sought-After Neighborhoods to Discover Near Palm Desert, California

    Palm Desert, California, is in the heart of Southern California’s Coachella Valley. It is surrounded by many sought-after neighborhoods and cities offering unique charm and appeal. For example, Palm Springs is a mere stone’s throw away and renowned for mid-century modern architecture, lush golf courses, and a vibrant cultural environment.

    Desert Hot Springs is to the north of Palm Desert and is famed for its natural hot springs and serene spa resorts. Cathedral City is adjacent to Palm Desert and boasts a family-friendly atmosphere with a community of parks, diverse dining, and entertainment options. Indio is southeast of Palm Desert and is celebrated as the “City of Festivals,” hosting renowned events like the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival that attracts music lovers worldwide.

    Rancho Mirage is a city synonymous with luxury. The area offers world-class golfing experiences against a backdrop of opulent estates and desert beauty. These cities form a mosaic of communities epitomizing Southern California living and offering a blend of natural beauty and recreational activities.

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