Everything You Need to Know about Holistic Addiction Treatment

Multiple factors can lead to substance abuse and drug or alcohol addiction, and incorporating additional issues into a holistic treatment plan can often lead to reinforced recovery and reduced risk of relapse. Holistic addiction treatment can offer more comprehensive treatment for individuals, as it considers all aspects, from mental health to meditation and calming influences. At our professional holistic drug rehab, we will help you get through your addiction. We’re your recovery partner and are here to explain how the holistic drug method works.

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What Is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy in substance abuse recovery is designed to complement the existing medical and clinical recovery process. Holistic treatment will include massage, biofeedback, an excellent nutritional and balanced diet, Reiki, and biofeedback to facilitate emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing as well as facilitate successful withdrawal and recovery. It is an advantage to the individual, as it assesses the person, their medical and family background, and any preexisting conditions alongside their addiction. Initially considered as a form of alternative rehab, holistic substance abuse treatment is quickly becoming more mainstream as it assesses the complexity of the individual and provides a tailored approach to treatment.

What Programs Can Be Expected with a Holistic Treatment Plan

A holistic recovery center may have one or more of the following medical and non-medical treatment methods:

  • Lifestyle change plans, including exercise, nutritional, and mindfulness therapy. Encouraging individuals to develop positive habits, including dietary changes, regular exercise, and mindfulness, are vital components in breaking harmful habits.
  • Meditation or relaxation classes. Yoga and medication both engage the body and mind, boosting both emotional and physical health.
  • Creative therapy classes. Classes like drawing or painting can help create positive coping mechanisms and new outlets for individuals post-program. 
  • Individual treatment therapies. Help to release physical stress and discomfort, leading to more excellent centering and peace.

What Are the Real Word Impacts of a Holistic Rehab Center?

Holistic addiction treatment goes beyond clinical recovery and tries to expose the root of the addiction to prevent relapse. The real-world impact of holistic substance abuse treatment is that it encourages individuals to engage with positive long-term lifestyle changes, from initiating a new outlet with art therapy, to transforming lives through mindfulness, exercise, and a good nutritional plan. Holistic treatment lays the foundations for new, healthy habits while dealing with the root cause of addiction. 

California Behavioral Health: Holistic Addiction Treatment With Medical Intervention

California Behavioral Health advocates for combining a scientifically-led holistic and clinical approach to provide a comprehensive recovery process that genuinely helps the individual. Medical support for holistic addiction treatment is offered 24/7 with licensed vocational nurses, certified medical professionals, and our fully-certified Master therapists. We provide secular, non-twelve-step support to provide an individualized recovery process. California Behavioral Health endorses fully integrated medical and holistic alcohol rehab as an alternative rehab treatment to the solely holistic or clinically-led approach.

What Alternative Therapies Will a Holistic Recovery Center Provide?

Holistic rehab centers like California Behavioral Health will also provide a range of clinically-led practices to improve mental and physical health, which may include:

  • Talking therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help identify how your thoughts and emotions impact your behavior
  • Transitional drugs to treat detoxification and support the transition from substance abuse to recovery
  • Full rehab to ensure that all harmful substances have left your system

A combination of holistic and clinical therapy is designed to create a robust framework for recovery and help the individual fully integrate back into daily life after treatment.

Holistic Addiction Treatment Plans and How Long They Take

Holistic alcohol rehab or holistic drug rehabs offer varied length treatment plans that often go beyond the residential recovery period, as they are designed to facilitate lifelong recovery. However, with medical treatments like detoxification, these processes can last from 48 hours to ten weeks, depending on the substance or severity of the addiction. Holistic treatment plans that incorporate the detoxification process might last 30-days, 60-days, or for more extended periods depending on the individual needs of the person.

If you’re asking yourself, ‘what is holistic therapy?’ don’t suffer in silence. California Behavioral Health wants to be your resource and first point of contact, whether you’re an individual looking for a holistic recovery center or a concerned family member needing assistance. We understand that it can be an uncertain or stressful time and want to give the support we can. Give us a call on 888.653.3982 or contact us directly today.


  • My name is Matthew and I was a resident here at CBH from 6/22/2020 through 7/23/2020.. I just Graduated the program in 32 days and I am writing this because I am truly Thankful to them All.. I would like to Give CBH 7 Stars but it will only like me give 5.

    Matthew N.
  • I came to California Behavioral Health when I was finally at the point where I thought life was no longer worth living. Once I got to CBH my whole life changed as I have never met more caring people in my whole life.

    Julie C.
  • Let me start by saying that this place has saved my life as I had been struggling with alcoholism since getting out of college. I had tried numerous 12 step programs and always experienced somewhere that I always struggled to relate with. Once I arrived at California Behavioral Health, they welcomed me with open arms.

    Andy W

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